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Date: 27th August 2016
Aluminum Stage Barrier/Concert Barrier/Crowd Control Fence
Aluminum Stage barrier/Concert Barrier/Crowd Control FenceStandard lightweight crowd control systems.?They can be bolted together for one firmly anchored fence?that will remain in place even in very agitated situations.?The barrier is held in place by the audience standing on top of the floor plate on the front side of the barrier section.They fold flat after use and can be stacked on dollies?for easy transport and storage.On the backside of the vertical part a step is attached between the two braces, giving security personnel the possibility to check visual and when necessary have physical access to the crowd.Aluminum Stage Crowd Barrier Feature?*Lightweight*?Foldable, more convenient for transport and storage*?Aluminum?pallets can be used for transport package and future storage* Easy to install,can be completed independently*?High security:*?Extended footboard to make the barriers more stable*Each set connect each other to be stronger*?Corner angle is adjustable to be suitable for actual sites* Ramp on frontboard to prevent tripping accident*Smaller holes on frontboard to prevent hurting fingers